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Honeymoon In Morocco – Sahara Desert Romance in 2022/2023.

The one trip you will remember for the rest of your marriage. Why Morocco ? Riads straight out of 1001 nights. A small plane ride to land you next to the Sahara Desert. Tea with the nomads. A lunch on top of the dunes just you, your loved one and your private butler. More than mere glamping. Village markets and secret kasbahs. Romance complimented by authenticity- that’s our idea of a Honeymoon In Morocco. Picture yourselves watching sunrise over the Sahara Desert Dunes: there’s no better place to forget all about travel bans, mask wearing or the inflation.

Our idea of a Honeymoon Tour In Morocco doesn’t follow a set itinerary. Think of it rather as connecting different private local experiences and encounters with secret, intimate, authentic accommodations, within your budget and time available. Naturally, we offer a few sample itineraries on our website, to help set some kind of initial structure. Yet, for such a special occasion, why not tailor and customize each and every detail ? While favoring the privacy, remoteness and unique local experiences ?

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